Are you thinking of buying your first home? You’re not alone, home sales in the Austin area have climbed year after year and 2018 looks like another good year for real estate. 

Owning a home is not an easy decision to make. After all, when you rent from someone else, it’s the landlord that takes care of any issues as they arise. You can move to another area of town or even to another city when your lease is up. Yet at some point you begin to realize that you’re missing out by now owning your own home. You can run the numbers and compare renting vs. buying but there are other benefits beyond the math. Here are just a few-

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice when you own your first home is the pride of ownership. The home belongs to you and no one else. As home values increase, the equity belongs to you, not your landlord. When you drive away from your home each morning to go to work, the house you see belongs to you and you only.

You have control over how the home looks as well. Want a more vibrant entryway? A bold color in the hallway? New lighting in the dining room? You get to choose how the home looks and nothing really limits you other than your budget. How about a swimming pool in your backyard? Want a new deck? How about landscaping? Having the control over what your home looks like and the amenities that go along with it is a major benefit owning your own home.

In addition to having the control over your property, you also now belong to the community. You’re in a neighborhood now and you’re a member of the community. You no longer need to worry about renewing a lease or moving to another apartment building or having your rent raised each time you move. These advantages are just a few non-financial benefits owning your own home.

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